Summer picnic 2009


The annual community picnic was planned for June but had to be deferred to 18th July because of persisting heavy rain. The wait was worth it and the day gloriously sunny. There was food, live music, guided walks and a community arts workshop. The activities for children included “I Spy” lists of wildflowers, birds and butterflies in the field and a very popular cake decorating competition that fitted in with the CBeebies “Green Balloon” week.


To help with future planning we did a head count at various times during the afternoon:

1.00:  22 in total (4 children)

2.00:  46            (9 children)

3.00:  68           (11 children)

4.00:  62           (10 children)

Several new people attended the event and asked to be kept informed of future events. 12 survey questionnaires were completed, 10 of these by people who had attended previous events.

Survey results

1)           What do you like about this event?

The relaxed atmosphere 5; Community spirit, sociability/ meeting neighbours and old friends 5;

the music 5; food/picnic 4; games 2.

2)         How could we improve the event?

All commented that it was good as it was. Individual suggestions included:  more publicity; “organise                                         activities so that people can get to know one another”; “more snakes”!. Suggestions for future events

were for a bonfire night and games such as “rounders/karaoke.

4          Approximately how many times would you say you visit the field ?

> 1/week  2                    >1/month  6 ;                about 1-2 a year: 3

5          What do you use the field for?

Walking/running 7;   Dogwalking  3;

Enjoying nature (wildflowers and snakes mentioned) 2; Sitting on the benches, taking in the view 1;

Opportunity for the children to play 2.

6)         Please tell us what facilities would be useful to you

Most thought the field was fine as it is. One suggestion was for information boards and another for more activities for children.

7)         What activities are you interested in?

Wildlife surveys   5;  Conservation workdays  6;  Committee  5;

Social Events   6;   Exercise/games 5;

Link with school 1.

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