Summer picnic 2008

The Lodge Field group

September picnic 2008


Glorious sunny day. The picnic, games, quizzes and story telling seemed to be much enjoyed by people of all ages, from the smallest baby of a few months to those who remembered playing similar games as youngsters themselves. Dogs and children mingled happily.


10 to 12.30:       setting up

12.30 – 4 :         picnic

dog photographs

bird hunt

plant identification

games in the field

tour of the field

leaflets ……….


Culminating in:  Story telling with drum accompaniment

Survey To help with future planning we did a quick head count at various times during the afternoon:

1.00:  33 in total (8 children)

2.00:  54            (17 children)

3.00 :  46            (15 children)

Dogs: at least .13 who posed for their photos!

Several new people attended the event and we had 6 of those completed survey forms. Several others wanted to be kept informed and gave their contact details.

Survey results

1)         Approximately how many times would you say you’ve visited the field ?

> 1/week  4;                   >1/month  1 ;                >1/year            1

2)         What do you use the field for?

Walking/shortcut            1;   Dogwalking     5

Enjoying nature/wildflowers  1

3)         Please tell us what facilities would be useful to you

Picnic   1  Seating 3  Display boards  1; childrens’ play area 1

1 person wanted it to be left “au naturel” without a picnic area

1)     What skills you would like to share

Project management 1; public relations 1

2)     What activities are you interested in?

Wildlife surveys   4  ;  Conservation workdays  1  ;  Committee  1    ;

Social Events   4 ;

6)         How would you like to be involved in/informed about future Lodge field activities?

First preference: Post  1;  email   4  ;  Phone 1

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