AGM minutes September 2008

AGM minutes September 2008

Minutes A.G.M. Lodge Field Group 16.9.08

Apologies:- D. Bingham, L. Ward, R. Turner, J. Box, L. Lomax, M. White, B. & S. Scott. Present:- A. Hughes, G. & G. Simmons, J. White, C. Adams, G. Peet, D. Tyack, S. Halford & J. Bingham.

1. Group [Chairs] Report:- The major activities this year have been:- 1. The designation of the field as an L.N.R. [Local Nature Reserve] This has been a long process, but has been achieved at last. 2. Dawn Chorus Day 3. The Bridge 4. Breathing Places Day

There has been a gradual increase in the number and variety of plants. Plants are returning as a result of the maintenance plan. There has been a marked increase in the areas of fleabane yellow rattle, broom and orchids. There is still a concern about the violets and their habitat.

The Dawn Chorus- Bridge Launch was a success. The ponds are developing well. Our thanks to our partners, Green- Gym and e-on, in this project.

The Breathing Places- Lottery Funding Grant has been signed off, but we still need to control the growth of the brambles.

The African migrants[ willow warbler and chiff chaff ] are still coming to the field but the lesser white throat was missing this year. The buzzard and kestrel are often using the field and the flocks of gold finches are coming to the thistles. The woodpigeons are also increasing perhaps the kestrel, now in the Gorge will help with this problem.

We held 5 working parties to clear brambles from the anthills and help increase the variety of flora. Our thanks to Telford & Wrekin Council who have continued to maintain the paths and cut the hay and spray brambles where we asked them. Our thanks also to The Gorge Parish Council for the grant which allows us to pay our insurance. We also were able to put an article in the Gorge Gazette produced by the parish council.

Our web site is now up and running. Thanks to those involved. To do this year:- An accurate map still needs to be obtained. A moth and butterfly survey needs doing [this depends on the weather] Our records need to be archived.

2. Treasurers Report:- not available, on next agenda.

3. Elections:- Chairperson. Gar Simmons was elected proposed Carola, seconded Judy Treasurer. David Tyack was elected proposed Gill, seconded Alison Secretary. Jane Bingham was elected proposed Carola seconded David Committee members. the following were elected en-bloc Gill Simmons, Judy White, Alison Hughes[plant person] Carola Adams, David Bingham, Sue Halford, Graham Peet. proposed Jane Bingham seconded Gar Simmons. John Box was co-opted as our environment advisor Louise Lomax was co-opted as our contact with T & W Cliff Hallam was co-opted as our Green Gym partner. 4. AOB none

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