Lodge Field is a Local Nature Reserve on the edge of the Ironbridge World Heritage Site which is open for everyone to enjoy.

The Lodge Field community group worked with the Council to restore the area for community use and now manages it so as to increase its biodiversity. There is free access to the field which contains areas of  meadow with a significant number of rare plant varieties, areas of scrub,  small springs and a boggy area that between them provide a variety of habitats for birds, butterflies and small mammals. It offers the chance for local people to get involved with conservation work, and opportunities for wildlife observation and informal leisure activities such as children’s games, walking and picnics.

The Lodge Field community group have three objectives:

  • To uncover the social and heritage history of the field. Anyone in the local community is encouraged to share their views, memories, and expertise.
  • To conserve the grassland, wet areas, and scrub for their ecological value. Local volunteers are welcomed on workparty or survey days (see programme).
  • To increase community use and enjoyment of the field. _________________________________________________________ The group organise a series of meetings throughout the year, various social events, and also working parties, usually on a Sunday morning.Please come to any of the events if you’d like to.

    The meetings tend to be held in the Crown Pub on Hodgebower and we generally discuss the programme for the months ahead, the management of the field etc. New members and new ideas are welcomed.

    The working parties are in the field (TF8 7QG). They tend to be on a Sunday morning for about 2 hours. The work may involve clearing brambles or other scrub depending on the season. There will be some tools available but do bring stout boots and gloves and your favourite secateurs if you have them.


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