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6 Responses to Comments Page

  1. Tom Hayek says:

    Where are all the comments flooding in people!? 🙂

    See you all on Saturday to watch me or Ian (or both) fall off a very tall ladder!


  2. Ian Catch says:

    Just had another successful litter pick and most of the bird and bat boxes are now up. Ran out of light in the end but the rest will be done shortly.

    Thanks to everyone who took part and devoted their time!!

  3. Ian Catch says:

    Another good weekend at the Copse and another skip of rubbish gone. It keeps looking better and better – thanks to those who helped!

  4. Tom Hayek says:

    Just been down to the Copse. Nothing seems to have taken to the bird boxes this year, but plenty about (potentially useful if we have to fight the road widening).

    Blue tit
    Long-tailed tit

    Also orange-tip and speckled wood butterflies and 7-spot ladybird.


  5. Ian Catch says:

    The comments page is working again folks!


  6. Clare says:

    Hi, just wondering if there is any plans in place to fix all the potholes? They are rather horrendous in some places??
    Many thanks

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